When I called it back it said it was no longer in service.


This number called with a weird line and then the "man" wanted to know personal information such as my age.  When asked why he said, "because I think you're cute and I want to get to know you."  I hung up after telling him I don't think so.


DONT ever do it! We had trouble with our P.C. and my husband called what he thought was a legiamate # for help. They took the P.C. over and REALLY screwed it up!


516-224-6027 has called my cell at least 10 times in last few days and always hangs up


They once again were looking for my nephew who used my number online.


automated call saying my Google information was not updated and needed updating.


They wanted to authorize my Walmart cell phone... My cell happens to be the very number they called, and I had not bought if from Walmart. They were about a year and half late and having the wrong provider.


I got the same call from this number. I told her I didn't know what survey she was talking about and she hung up on me.


To stop the calls just put this number in your call block list this way 000 000-0 this will stop all of those kind of calls.


Claims to be calling from the process and summons division and that there has been fraudulent activity on my name and social security number. Says that a summons will be served to my place of work or home address and if I don't call back I forfeit all of my legal rights. Never mentions where they're calling from.


Im not sure what your trying to say, but you may want to try using a Spell Checker!


Received a call from 209-502-6045.  Caller id said 'Riverbank CA'.  The phone only rang once, but no one was there when I answered.


I hope you (and anyone else who receives these calls) also posted a comment on the site for the call-back number they gave you, whether you called or not. Its impossible for people to try to track down the callers if people dont give the call-back numbers and/or post on that numbers page.ANY and ALL info being posted helps people (and law enforcement) track down these companies AND helps keep ALL of us informed!


Call from this number.  Leaves no message. Caller ID says Stockton, CA


Ive had Verizon for a while about 3 years and not one have I gotten a call from this number but i am starting to get the them


Dont try to defend them, just dont say you are working for a piece of sh***t company like that. Ive heard it all from those [***] company and none, I mean NONE of them can prove that their products are as reliable as the one we already use, as well as they cannot prove they are, or will be any cheaper than the company we are with. It a scam, sorry you have to work for a fraud, but thats the truth. After 18years of hearing their calls, I think I know them quite a bit!!


Constant calls from this fake pharmacy.have told them numerous times to take my phone number off their list.gov needs to trace source and shut them down! consumer fraud seeking personal info!!!


A place that buy junk cars. They constantly text all day.


Constant harassment, please removee my name/number from your calling list.


Also from:385-229-3203385-229-3206385-229-3208Same CID, Federal Financi (the rest gets cut off)


They called my cell phone.  I didn't answer, and they left no voice mail.


Here's a copy/paste of a way to stop these calls; a do not call request service for a small number of companies that call consumers. Call 307-223-0458, give the caller's number to verify it's on their list and the receiving number to request the removal from the caller's list.


Called; left no message on the machine.  We screen all calls.


Forward the text to 7726. Contact your cell provider for assistance if you have any problems.Security company Cloudmark created a spam messaging reporting service that nations major wireless carriers agreed earlier this year to start using. Now, customers of AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and others can forward their text spam message to 7726. The mobile phone carrier will ask customers for the phone number thats linked to the spam message so they and Cloudmark can start investigating.


Sent message 'you were looking so good yadda yadda' pointing at address 'bestremedyforu@uriver.com'. Click traffic generator or cell phone number stealing service.


ID said OhioDidnt answer...they left no message


I received a call today from 10 , ID shows Name Not Found, when picked up a man said they are calling from the Police department and trying to collect money for some cause. The first option was 700 some dollars all they way down to 10 dollars ,i replied i can not help.Why would a call from police show 10 on the caller ID ?


you are likely the one putting out these calls. as no no one answers these calls.


Well I get that number from my kids dad but he is in South Caralina.. Not texas


Text message "THE CREDIT UNION CENTER ALERT: Your CARD starting with 5824 has been DEACTIVATED. Please contact us at 254-304-3360"Major scam... all master cards start with 5824...


They call everyone! but really people do you not watch TV about scams... Why in the world would you do something over the phone checking your personal files!! FOOLS


If you name has been on the do not call list for 31 days and you are still getting calls then file a complaint on the donotcall.gov. site. It is the only way they will know you are still being harrassed


I just found out that my son received the same text on his cell phone at about the same time I received it.


Certain your number does not go on a marketing list when you offer up your private number to this ...service?


Calls frequently don't recognize number.. No name found caller ID... No message ever left.  Annoying...


Mine did! you HAVE WON the $49,000 CASH or NEW MERCEDES, BMW or PORSCHE blah blah blah


No message was left. I was talking on another call so couldn't answer. I tried calling the number back. "The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service". Any legitimate collection agency would leave a message.


I got that call about 3 minutes ago. Im with Sprint.


who i am is none of your business part of the problem always requesting private info that OBVIOUSLY NO ONE CAN PROTECT leaving us all open to unwanted garbage. i do not want calls from this number. they say if you want to be put on do not call leave number yet the message box is full so they continue to call.


312-638-0648 is the CallerID/ANI that is announced by some of MaxEmail's outbound fax servers. We operate an Internet fax service and if you are receiving a call from that number, it's probably because one of our clients mistakenly has your number on their outbound fax contact list.


how do you file FCC complaint. I would like to do the same.


Got a call from this number this morning, asking for a "Marvin Horne". That's not me!


the sec. serv. fed credit union is headquartered in san antonio texas and the number assoc with the text messages is not in the san antonio area code.


Got call 11/1/11 3:20PM recording voice said this is Malcom and do prerecorded calls drive you crazy don't hang up I'll tell you how you ...... then I hung up.


Calls numerous x!!!! Not sure who or what. .but staying on block list.


Keep getting a call asking if I know a particular person. Apparently this person gave my number and information to this company.


Ive had multiple calls from them for a while now and I wont pick up the phone when I see their number displayed. They are a credit card processing company. www.cardprocessingservices.ca Their website says they are BBB accredited which when checked out at BBB, you will see that there is an alert on them. Their BBB rating is an F. The reason is that they have a history of violating the BBB name and logo policy. They are obviously very untrustworthy and youd have to be short of more than just a few brain cells to do business with a company like this.


To date just one that I am aware of. I missed it and they left no message.